Security risks posed through the new emerging standard for Internet traffic known as version 6, or Ipv6, will be addressed by Internet Security Systems software, the company said Monday.

Its Dynamic Threat Protection platform is designed to stop Ipv6 hackers who can circumvent existing security in place on the older Ipv4 standard, ISS said.

“Hackers are already actively taking advantage of new IPv6
services, and turning this lack of understanding about IPv6 to their own advantage,” said Chris Rouland, vice president of Internet Security System’s X-Force security intelligence group, in a statement. “However, strong IPv6 security practices, products and services provided by Internet Security Systems’ unified Dynamic Threat Protection platform are already available to protect customers against these newly emergent threats. IPv6 offers security
advantages to those who can best utilize it, and we are advising the
marketplace to understand and recognize its capabilities.”

ISS offers a whitepaper on Ipv6 and security implications at: