Summus, a developer of wireless content and multimedia solutions, has landed a contract to take Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new movie to mobile phones.

Summus will provide ringtones and wallpaper for phones based on “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines”, which will be released in July.

Users will be able to get and save photos from the movie to use as wallpaper for their phone screens. Ring tones will include sound bytes and songs from the movie.

“We are excited about delivering mobile content based on ‘T3’, the next installment in the blockbuster ‘Terminator’ film franchise,” said Bjorn Jawerth, chief executive officer of Summus, in a statement. “Wallpaper and ringtones are extremely popular with the youth market, which is a large audience for this highly anticipated film.”

Summus cited a study from research firm mobileYouth that said the market for ringtones already is worth $1.4 billion a year and will grow to $2.4 billion this year.