RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. … Paradigm Genetics (Nasdaq: PDGM) has been issued U.S. Patent No. 6,562,624, titled “Methods and Materials for the Rapid and High Volume Production of a Gene Knock-Out Library in an Organism.”

The patent covers Paradigm’s proprietary Transposon-Arrayed Gene Knock-Out (TAG-KO) technology, which provides methods for the rapid and systematic mutation of pathogenic fungi, enabling the efficient identification of novel antifungal and fungicide targets as well as novel biosynthetic and degradation pathways. TAG-KO may lead to new fungicides, human antifungal products, and industrial products.

“TAG-KO is a key technology asset in Paradigm’s crop protection program, and specifically, for our work in microbial genomics,” Paradigm Chief Scientific Officer John E. Hamer said in a statement. “As the sequencing of more fungal genomes is completed, there is a growing need for versatile and robust target validation and pathway discovery. We believe that TAG-KO is the most rapid and versatile technology available for these organisms.”

Paradigm has also pursued U.S. and international patent protection for numerous novel fungicide targets discovered by its TAG-KO technology. To date, Paradigm has received two Notices of Allowance from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for fungicide target patent applications titled, “Methods for the Identification of Inhibitors of 5-Aminolevulinate Synthase as Antibiotics” and “Methods for the Identification of Inhibitors of Threonine Synthase as Antibiotics.”

Paradigm’s core agricultural biotechnology competencies include gene expression profiling, biochemical profiling, phenotypic profiling and data integration/coherence tools. These technologies, and those discoveries made using them, are protected by nine other issued patents.

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