Where would North Carolina’s economy be today were it not for the entrepreneurs who dreamed, built and delivered Research Triangle Park and undertook similar efforts in the Triad and Charlotte?

One shudders at the thought.

Which brings us to the death of Jake Froelich. One of the Triad’s leading entrepreneurs died last week and was buried on Saturday. Froelich received glowing treatment in obituaries from local press. They were well deserved.

Froelich was chairman of the Piedmont Entrepreneurs Network and one of the original investors in the Piedmont angels network.

In other news last week, MediaSpan generated a great deal of attention — raising additional venture capital as well as losing Chief Executive Officer Steve Vetter and Sam Whitt, who handled legal affairs. Vetter is going to pursue other interests. Whitt is returning to law and also will be an active partner in Southern Capitol Ventures.

Here’s a look back at another busy week, courtesy of LTW headlines:


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