Stephen Sasser, the new chief executive officer at Peopleclick, has wasted little time in putting his mark on the company.

Peopleclick laid off 10 percent of its workforce today, with full-time employees and contractors being let go. The company said all divisions and locations were affected.

“We are focusing our business and aligning resources to drive organizational success for customers through our total workforce acquisition and services offering,” said Li-Chin Hsu, director of marketing, in a statement. “By aggressively investing in process improvement and reducing costs, we are well positioned to continue growth, achieve sustained profitability and compete successfully in the current economic climate.”

Sasser took over as CEO on April 3.

After a review of its operations, Peopleclick made a series of moves designed to “continue the company’s overall growth and further its goals to achieve consistent profitability.”

In addition to the layoffs, Peopleclick said it would:

  • Focus on its technology and services offerings for recruiting management, vendor management and affirmative action and equal opportunity compliance.
  • Implement what it called “repeatable business processes” in order to streamline operations, fuel technology development and “deliver continuous customer satisfaction”
  • Reduce discretionary expenditures
  • Reduce overall expenses by $4.5 million.

Once the moves have been implemented, Peopleclick says it will be in better position :to control its financial future.”

Sasser brought Peopleclick more than 25 years of experience with a number of firms. Frontstep was acquired recently by Mapics, which is based in Atlanta. Frontstep was a provider of a variety of software products. He also has worked at Trilogy Software, Legent Corporation, Goal Systems International and UCCEL Corporation.