Entrepreneurship and possible venture funding dominated the news last week — as one would expect in the days surrounding the annual Venture conference put on by the Council for Entrepreneurial Development.

John Ryals, the founder of Paradigm Genetics, is back in the hunt for a hit company at Metabolon — and he’s lined up financing support from Aurora Funds.

Aurora, which announced closing on a new $85 million fund a week earlier, isn’t letting the new money sit around. Aurora also is committed to helping fund biotech startup Regado Biosciences, which was one of 24 companies to present at Venture 2003.

Also, 24 companies made in-depth presentations to potential investors during the two-day conference.

Meanwhile, new leadership is in place at two entrepreneurial organizations — the Metrolina Entrepreneurial Council and the Tech Association of Georgia. LTW ran the first interview with the new head of MEC, and we interviewed the interim president of TAG on its new focus just before the group announced its new president.

Here’s the week in headlines:


Back in the Game: John Ryals’ New Venture, Metabolon, Lands Investment From Aurora: www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=3929

Late Addition: Brand-New Karyogen Unveils Its Genetic Strategy: www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=3918

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Booming Growth in Medical Claims Means Opportunity for Bloodhound Software: www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=3950

With Input From Physicians, Technology From Duke, Regado Bio Targets ‘Large, Unmet Medical Needs’: www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=3937

Cutting Customer ‘Churn’ at Financial Institutions Is MindValve’s Mission: www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=3916

Micell Offers Alternative for Chip Manufacturing With CO2 Method: www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=3904

Kucera’s First Target Is a Big One: Oral, Simple-to-Take HIV Drug: www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=3889


Bio Threats: SARS and Bioterrorism Spur Vaccine Research: www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=3945

Helping Feed the World: NCSU Lab To Assist in Rice Disease Project: www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=3920

Former A.M. Pappas Exec Bill McCulloch Joins InterOptic as CEO: www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=3890


Vowing To Make Difference, MEC Director Embraces Its Broader Goals: www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=3917

Tech Association of Georgia Names Former Clarus CEO as New Executive Director: www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=3947

Technology Association of Georgia Reboots, Wants To Be ‘the Voice’ for Tech: www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=3903


Eying Global Growth, Red Hat Names President for International Operations: www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=3931

Teaming Up at SnowFin: Oculan Co-Founders Launch New IT Services Firm: www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=3927

Salix Board to Canadian Suitor: Thanks, But No Thanks: www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=3924