The next time there is a national or regional emergency of some type, individuals may get a breaking news alert from The Associated Press through their wireless device.

Making that possible is Charlotte startup Telecom Ventures LLC, which rolled out its “AlertAmericaOnline” service this week.

The subscriber service is designed to deliver emergency and other news via Short Message Service (SMS), instant messaging and through wireless access protocol (WAP).

“AlertAmericaOnline is now able to transmit SMS (format) text alerts, including late-breaking AP news, in huge volumes very quickly,” said Stephen Winters, the managing director of Telecom Ventures. “These messages alert our subscribers to happenings that are time-sensitive and mission critical.

“While cell phones have become integral to our personal and professional culture, American society has not yet taken full advantage of mobile data communications. With an estimated 100 million SMS-enabled devices operating in the United States today, the text-messaging network could offer life-saving capabilities during emergencies.”

Winters pointed out that SMS messages often can be sent even if voice channels and landline networks are “overwhelmed or out of service.

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AlertAmericaOnline will host and deliver the information across various carrier networks, according to Winters.

Winters also said the company would work with government agencies, volunteer groups, and not-for-profits that see a need to deliver information quickly.

For more information and a demonstration of the service, visit: