Believing that next-generation wireless devices will require a variety of capabilities, RF Micro said Thursday that it had acquired a Colorado firm focused on mixed signals and radio frequency technology.

As part of the deal, RF Micro will open a new design center in Boulder, CO.

RF Micro acquired the assets of Channel Technology, and employees of that firm will join RF Micro, the company said. Baker Scott, president and chief executive officer of Channel Technology, will manage the center.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

RF Micro designs and manufactures a wide range of wireless and radio frequency devices. The company acquired Reasonext Communications in 2002 in a bid to win business in the growing wireless local area network market. RF Micro began shipping its first WLAN 802.11a standard chips in January.

The Boulder center will concentrate on designing means of converging multiple standards, including cellular, wireless local area networks, Bluetooth and global positioning systems.

“We believe future multi-function wireless devices will require multi-standard radio solutions that integrate cellular, wireless LAN, Bluetooth and GPS,” said Bill Pratt, chief technical officer of RF Micro, in a statement. “The Boulder design center team should help us leverage and accelerate the trend toward these next-generation devices.”

RF Micro: