MORRISVILLE,Guy Harvey, principal at Insignia MetaPartners, has a suggestion for entrepreneurs and executives who want to grow their businesses.


That’s one of the reasons why Insignia MetaPartners is one of the sponsors for “The Tech Exec,” a new quarterly networking event created by Local Tech Wire and ClearImage PR.

“The Tech Exec is about bringing together peers and business partners to not only talk about our business, but to collectively take our business to the next level,” Harvey said. “If you take the opportunity to network and build relationships with people who are experiencing the same business challenges you are, your business relationships are more valuable long term.”

The first Tech Exec will be Thursday starting at 5:30 PM and will be hosted by the Morrisville Chamber of Commerce.

Peak 10, Insignia MetaPartners, SAS, Wind Channel Communications and the Morrisville Chamber are sponsoring the event.

Pre-registration is required, but there is no cost to attend. For information or to register, contact Cindy Stranad (

Insignia MetaPartners is a corporate real estate consulting and services firm that plans, acquires and delivers business-driven occupancy solutions. Insignia MetaPartners works with many leading firms and organizations in the RTP area, including: The News & Observer, Global Knowledge, LipoScience, Lineberry Research Associates, Pozen and the City of Durham.

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