NDL, a cutting-edge developer of 3-D graphics software and tool kits, introduced its latest engine and toolkit at the Game Developers Conference last week in San Diego.

Titled Gamebryo, the product includes a 3-D graphics toolkit and game engine.

Based on NDL’s NetImmerse technology, Gamebryo is considered NDL’s “next-generation” game development engine in that it works across various game platforms and offers increased flexibility for programmers seeking to incorporate 3-D technology.

The kit also includes architecture, pixel and vertex shade editing and new animation tools to make games more realistic.

The engine quickly won a customer, too. NDL announced on Friday that it had licensed Gamebryo to TimeGate Studios.

TimeGate is the developer of the Kohan game series, including Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns, which has won nearly 30 awards. It is a real-time fantasy game.

Gamebryo is the newest version of NDL technology. The graphics toolkit and engine enables game developers to create a more flexible framework. It can be used in development for Windows, Xbox, PlayStation 2 and GameCube.

NDL: www.ndl.com

Gamebryo: www.gamebryo.com