Redundant Networks, which opened a temporary Raleigh data center last year, has completed its move into a permanent state-of-the-art facility and is preparing to launch a new marketing campaign to tout its services.

“It is commissioned, and we are installing customers,” said Rob Smith, Redundant’s vice president of sales in Raleigh.

The company recently completed rigorous network testing of the facility, which is located in a Level 3 networks facility.

The Triangle’s web hosting and managed services field already is a competitive one, featuring such providers as Peak 10, Springboard Managed Hosting and Inflow.

Redundant, which maintains its headquarters and other data facility in Reno, NV, already has two customers in North Carolina. Its focus is on the financial and biotechnology industries.

“It was nice to have a first charter customer before we opened the new facility,” said Janice Fetzer, the chief operating officer of Redundant. Fetzer, who was in charge of building a series of data centers for Exodus Communications, said Redundant is focused on providing secure, fast, reliable service that companies need for online transactions.

“We’ve gone into this business with a high quality standard in the high 9s (99.999 reliability), we are in compliance with the SAS70, and we are looking at more future certification,” she said. “That’s our differentiator. We are focused on sure, high-end quality products and services.

“We recently passed the SAS70 report, which is extremely important to financial institutions and especially to anyone conducting financial transactions over the Internet,” she added.

The SAS70 is a standard test from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. The review covered financial, transactional, administrative and systems operations. The facility had to meet service level goals and standards in a variety of areas, including risk assessment, monitoring, physical security, environmental and data administration.

Fetzer also said the test demonstrates Redundant can meet requirements of the federal HIPPA. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 establishes national standards for ensuring the security and privacy of identifiable patient information. Healthcare providers, health plans and clearinghouses are required to be in full compliance with the new HIPAA standards or face potential civil and criminal penalties.

“They don’t have to worry about their data,” Fetzer said. “We have all the controls and procedures in place.”

Redundant is backed by USA Capital and has more than 20 employees. It maintains network operations centers in both Raleigh and Reno.

For network reliability, Redundant maintains two separate high-speed fiber connections between the two centers. Each center also has two separate local loops.

Smith, who heads the Raleigh operation, also knows the RTP market. He formerly worked at Springboard Managed Hosting.