The Technology Association of Georgia is adding three specific new groups for the assistance of members which need additional support or guidance, TAG announced Thursday.

The groups are: offshore development and support; enterprise portal; and public companies. TAG already has 12 other groups.

“I’m proud of the TAG members who have taken the initiative to start and organize these special interest groups,” said Emma Morris, the new president of TAG, in a statement. “Through the time and effort of their volunteer services, TAG continues to grow and add value to the entire technology community.”

TAG pointed out a reason for starting the offshore development and support group is the consensus of various analysts that as many as 30 percent of global 2000 companies will have offshore sourcing of some kind. The new group is to discuss how to implement offshore strategies and best practices as well as the challenges. For information, contact Randall McCroskey at

The public company group will focus on such subjects as: selection and composition of boards; capital raising; mergers and acquisitions. (For information about the group, contact Dennis Zakas at

The enterprise portal group will discuss business cases for implementing portals, governance and best practices. (For information, contact Ian Strain-Seymour at