Fitting the theme of this year’s NCEITA technology forum, John Wilbur, Resident Special Agent Counter-Terrorism, US Department of Homeland Security, will be among the guest speakers.

Wilbur is one of nearly 20 speakers scheduled to address the NCEITA forum titled “Emerging Intelligence.” The two-day event will be March 24-25 at the Holiday Inn in RTP and at the Friday Center at UNC Chapel Hill.

Information warfare is at the forefront of the war against terrorism, and the NCEITA program will include a discussion of homeland security issues.

The North Carolina Electronics and Information Technology Association event will explore other topics such as:

  • Innovation for the New Era
  • Cracking the Code of Global Markets
  • A View From the Top “Industry Panel Discussion”
  • Turning your IP Into Dollars
  • Corporate Governance & Tax Policy
  • Opportunities in the Enterprise
  • Impact of Web Services

      Speakers in addition to Wilbur include:

      • Nicholas Donofrio, Senior VP, Technology & Manufacturing, IBM
      • Bill Weiss, Chairman & CEO, The Promar Group
      • Dennis Flynn, Founder & CEO, The Sonar Group
      • Cindy Froggatt, Principle, Froggatt Consulting, Author of “Work Naked: Eight Essential Principles for Peak Performance in Vital Workforce”
      • Jens Olivarius, Senior Marketing Director, SAS Institute
      • Mort Topfer, Managing Director, Castletop Capital — Board of Directors, Dell
      • Eric Schurenberg, Deputy Managing Editor, Business 2.0
      • Caroline Rockafellow, Attorney at Law, Daniels, Daniels, & Verdonik, P.A.
      • Kevin Flynn, Attorney at Law, Daniels, Daniels, & Verdonik, P.A.
      • Larry Robbins, Attorney at Law, Wyrick, Robbins, Yates, & Ponton, LLP
      • Sam Bayer, Founding Partner, MarketAcuity
      • Mohamad Afshar, 9i Application Server Product Management, Server Technologies, Oracle
      • Kevin Sheehan, VP of Marketing, Hatteras Networks
      • Jeff Reedy, President & CEO, Overture Networks
      • Janet Wylie, President & CEO, Engineous Software
      • John Weir, President, Nimbus Technologies

      For more details on the program, visit NCEITA’s web site at: