The upcoming Council on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Success will place special emphasis on female entrepreneurs and female-owned businesses.

Among women speaking at the conference and topics they will discuss are:

  • Mary Cantando – Opening Doors to New Business
  • Sherry Essig – Bring Your Business to Life
  • Karlyn Mitchell – Borrowing Strategies for Small Firms
  • Ellen Jane Baker – Foot in the Door Networking for Entrepreneurs
  • Patti Gillenwater, Deborah Hadley, Claire Bullock Niver – From Survive to Thrive: Keeping your top talent when you need them the most!
  • Kathleen Worm – So You Think it is Time to Lease Some Space. Now What?
  • Beverly Murray – Fewer Resources. Morel Results: Making marketing work in a challenging economy
  • Linda Leake – Want Results? Just Ask How to Get Them!
  • Cindy Stranad, Lori Baker, Donna Sorensen – Negotiate a Savvy Sponsorship
  • The conference, sponsored in part by Business Leader magazine, will be Saturday, Feb. 22, at NCSU”s McKimmon Center.

    For information about the conference, visit the web site at: