The first patent suit ever filed by Cisco apparently is paying off.

Web-based news service CNET reported Friday that Huawei Technologies of China has stopped shipment of routers and switches challenged by Cisco to US customers. A company spokesman told CNET that it had begun scaling back shipments before the suit was filed.

In a conference call last week, John Chambers, chief executive of Cisco, said the suit, which was filed in Texas, was filed only after negotiations had stalled.

“Prior to filing of the lawsuit, we had already taken steps to address these claims, including pulling the product from US customers,” Wendy Wu told CNET. She said that Cisco was not “interested in having a constructive dialogue.”

Cisco, in announcing the suit on Jan. 23, issued the following statement by Mark Chandler, vice president and general counsel of Cisco:

“Cisco’s technological leadership is the result of significant investment in research and development, and it is Cisco’s responsibility to protect its intellectual property. Cisco does not take any legal action lightly. However, Huawei has unlawfully copied Cisco’s intellectual property and refused Cisco’s numerous attempts to resolve these issues. As a result, Cisco has no choice but to protect its technology and the interests of its shareholders through legal action.”

In a statement on its web site posted Jan. 27 after the Cisco suite was announced, Huawei said:

“The company wishes to emphasize that the company and its subsidiaries have always respected intellectual property rights and have attached importance to safeguarding its own intellectual property rights. In order to develop its own core technology, Huawei has employed more than 10,000 engineers and has consistently invested at least 10% of its annual revenues in R&D activities. As a responsible corporate citizen, Huawei respects the laws and regulations of each country in which it has operations. Huawei believes in the value of partnership, open co-operation and fair competition and has been implementing such beliefs in practice.

“Huawei and its subsidiaries’ businesses and operations remain normal. The company’s focuses remain on its customers, partners and employees.”