Peak 10, a web hosting and data center services provider, is moving to implement a security program designed to help clients meet forthcoming federal health records requirements.

Toward that end, the company said today that it has joined the North Carolina Healthcare Information and Communications Alliance (NCHICA). The purpose is to “gain a better understanding of the healthcare industry’s needs,” Peak 10 said in a statement. Peak 10 also said it would design a “comprehensive security program to ensure that companies we represent are able to meet the new HIPAA privacy regulations,” according to Ben Griffith, vice president and general manager of Peak 10’s RTP center.

Federal rules require implementation of so-called HIPAA privacy records as of April 14. The Health Insurance Portability and Accounting Act was passed in 1996 and includes strict guidelines for the collection, storage and transfer of healthcare information.

NCHICA recently released EarlyViewT Privacy version 2.0, a software program that is intended to help companies handling healthcare records better understand what is required by HIPAA.

Peak 10 also has data centers in Charlotte and Florida.

Peak 10: