LinusTorvalds, create of open-source Linux, is part of a new group focused on creating more awareness and use of Linux on the desktop.

The Desktop Linux Corporation was announced earlier this week.

“We already have all the tools in open source software necessary for 80 percent of office workers in the world,” Torvalds said in a statement, “an office suite including spreadsheet, word processor, and presentation program; a web browser; graphical desktop with file manager, and tools for communications, scheduling, and personal information management.

“The Linux desktop is inevitable!”

The group, which said it would be vendor neutral, includes commercial companies and open source organizations. Among the members are: ArkLinux, CodeWeavers,,, KDE, Linux Professional Institute, Lycoris, The Linux Terminal Server Project, MandrakeSoft, NeTraverse,, Questnet,, theKompany, SuSE, TransGaming Technologies, TrustCommerce, Xandros and Ximian.