BellSouth is opening a longer high-speed lane on the information highway.

BellSouth Interconnection Services, the wholesale unit of BellSouth, rolled out Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) service for wholesale and enterprise customers on Tuesday, offering high-speed transport for a wide variety of multimedia, Internet Protocol, video, multicast and data traffic.

“Our target market is our wholesale customer base, particularly the IXC and ISP marketplace as well as our large enterprise clients,” BellSouth’s Elliott Bryant, senior director of interconnection services in Atlanta, told Local Tech Wire. IXC refers to long-distance carriers, ISP to Internet Service Providers. “The major driver is to equip our clients with a more efficient bandwidth offering for LAN interconnection and dedicated Internet applications.”

BellSouth said making available 1,000 Mb of capacity available would enable clients to provide true “convergence” of services that need plenty of bandwidth across broader geographic areas. The company already offered so-called Native Mode LAN Interconnection Gigabit service for metro area networks.

“The market has demonstrated an increasing need for additional bandwidth efficiencies,” Bryant added. “This is driven largely by the high growth of transparent LAN services, Ethernet, high speed DSL and Internet access.”

Bryant said BellSouth is offering “transparent” service to simplify transport for clients.

“GigE supports a variety of applications such as data and video. Its
transport capability is not limited by the type of application, therefore the term transparent,” he explained. “This is especially important if you are transporting data. GigE offers bandwidth transparency without fixed partitions up to 1,000Mb which provide our clients additional flexibility in the management of their networks.”

Bryant said the GigE service is the “next step” in high-speed offerings based on NMLI shared fiber optic transport.

“Our new NMLI offering is designed to deliver services within the LATA boundaries,” he added, referring to the regulated, defined geographical limits for transport. “The solution will be delivered typically to or from an IXC/ISP Point of Presence (POP) to an end user customer premises within a LATA. BellSouth will deliver the service at the native speed of 1,000Mb (GigE). Our customers also have the latitude of extending the service beyond the LATA boundaries through their facilities.”

BellSouth didn’t specify a cost for the service other than to say charges include flat rate and mileage sensitive elements.

Customers also can re-brand the service if they prefer, Bryant added.

“Our objective is to deliver new enabling technologies that will
compliment our wholesale client’s total branded package offerings,” he said. “Yes, we fully expect customers to package the service with their own unique marketing and networking capabilities under their brand names.”

High-speed BellSouth services: