UNC Charlotte says it will launch the Business Coaching Certificate program, starting February 6 – 8.

The program was developed for UNC Charlotte by Brian and Lou Raye Nichol in the Research Triangle Park in 2002.

It now expands west to the Charlotte area, providing full professional business coaching training with faculty. They include George Smart, Rob Adelman, John L. Bennett, Brent Brower, Wanda Craig, Kathy Fletcher, Daryl Kerr, Sheridan Long, Russ Long, Ben Nunnally, Alice Mackay, Mark Richardson and Joan Wright.

The Business Coaching Certificate is a seven-month program organized in 3 day blocks each month.

The program provides full professional training for people who want to become business coaches. It is also suitable for those managers who want to develop their leadership style based on a coaching model.

Business Coaching Certificate: www.workinlife.com/business_coaching_certificate.htm

UNC Charlotte: www.uncc.edu