Local Tech Wire introduces a new feature today — The LTW Job Board.

As the name implies, the Job Board is designed to link job seekers and employers across the Carolinas and Georgia.

In addition to the jobs that local employers post, the LTW Job Board is powered by and linked to Top Echelon Network, the world’s largest placement network of independent recruiters. That means that there are hundreds of jobs listed on the LTW Job Board by professional recruiters who can help the job seeker with the entire job searching process.

“We believe LTW’s Job Board will provide a badly needed service to our readers,” said Andy Agrawal, one of LTW’s founders and its chairman. “Job seekers who want to stay in the Carolinas and Georgia need accecss to positions available locally, and Job Board will provide those. But people seeking to relocate can use this service as well.

“We are excited as well to be working with Top Echelon Network. This company offers a tremendous means for recruiters and prospective employees to interact and to match the best jobs with the best candidates – locally and nationally.”

All jobs on the LTW Job Board are specific to North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, and job searching is free for job seekers.

Local employers can post their open positions quickly and easily with just the click of a button. Once a job is posted, it is immediately searchable by job seekers. Plus, employers can post their open positions on the LTW Job Board at a fraction of the cost of placing an ad in the local newspaper.

Job seekers can quickly search those jobs by industry, or by the date the job was posted.

For more information about Job Board, contact Cindy Stranad (cstranad@nc.rr.com or 919 844-5051.)