XcelleNet, a provider of mobile infrastructure solutions, says Ohio State University (OSU) Medical Center has selected it to support and synchronize over 1,600 Palm handheld devices.

XcelleNet says it will ensure OSU Medical Center that its wide range of applications, including drug interaction software, medical calculators and patient medical records, are updated without the need for manual interventions.

Located in Columbus, OSU Medical Center cares for approximately 33,000 inpatients and 625,000 outpatients every year. As a large research and teaching hospital, the organization says it wanted a mobile solution that reducde administrative tasks so the staff could spend more time working with its patients.

In addition, Atlanta-based XcelleNet uses stations to push out software updates onto devices, recognizing several user profiles, including one for medical students, one for residents and another for attending physicians. When users connect to the XcelleNet software it knows which updates to push depending upon their profile.

While synchronization concerns remains a top priority, asset management was also a concern for the technology experts at the OSU Medical Center. With XcelleNet, OSU’s IT department now knows who has which device, which software is licensed to each device and how much memory is remaining.

“As an early adapter of mobile technology, OSU Medical Center is an innovative leader in medical field,” Joan Herbig, chief executive officer of XcelleNet, said in a statement. “–XcelleNet will continue to work with OSU Medical Center to ensure the safest and most cost-effective ways of helping these doctors provide the best in patient care.”

XcelleNet: www.xcellenet.com

OSU Medical Center: www.osumedcenter.edu