CARY,JMP, a business unit of SAS, says it will work with Sigma Breakthrough Technologies to provide more training and use of Six Sigma technology.

Six Sigma, which was trademarked by Motorola, is a business process improvement methodology designed to reduce waste, prevent defects, streamline processes and increase financial performance, according to JMP.

According to Motorola, “The Six Sigma process uses data and rigorous statistical analysis to identify ‘defects’ in a process or product, reduce variability, and achieve as close to zero defects as possible.

“Using a universal measurement scale, Six Sigma defines and estimates the opportunities for error and calculates defects in the same way every time, thus offering a means for measuring improvement. In fact, Six Sigma takes its name from the Greek letter ‘sigma,’ which is used in statistics to indicate standard deviation.”

The Six Sigma methodology incorporates this data and statistical analysis into a project-based workflow that allows businesses to make intelligent decisions about where and how to incorporate improvements.

JMP and Sigma Breakthrough Technologies, a consulting firm based in Texas, will develop a training curriculum surrounding JMP statistical analysis software, the companies said. The deal will be announced at the Quality Six Sigma conference next week in Palm Springs, CA.

“Six Sigma adopters represent a great opportunity to demonstrate the effect of statistical software as a tool to improve their business processes,” said John Sall, SAS co-founder and executive vice president.

The consulting firm links Six Sigma activities to a company’s strategic plan in order to demonstrate improvements in business processes, SAS said.