The Conference on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Success is coming to the McKimmon Center on the campus of N.C. State University on Feb. 22, featuring a line up of seven interactive sessions.

The first is “Bring Your Business to Life,” with Sherry Essig of the Priority Ventures Group. This interactive session for both seasoned and new business owners is packed with tools and tips to help make business profitable and sustainable.

“Want Results? Just Ask How To Get Them!” That’s the topic of the second forum of the day. Learn how to get results each time with human systems within your organization. The presenter is Linda Leake of CHANGE by Leake.

Next is the Inc 500 Panel. In an open question and answer session, attendees have the opportunity to learn how these entrepreneurs and leaders were able not just to grow their companies, but to thrive in these challenging economic times.

Inc 500 Panelists include Martin A. Renkis from Trainersoft Corporation, Roy Roberts of APC, J.A. Savage of Secure Enterprise Computing and Brian O’Higgins from Open Software Solutions.

“Markets change and companies evolve: What’s your game plan?” the next panel asks. David Chapman of 919 Marketing Company is the presenter, discussing the LINK planning process, which speeds the development of a strategic business plan that connects your company’s core competencies, purchasing triggers and market intelligence.

Cantando & Associates Founder Mary Cantando’s presentation is on “Opening Doors to New Business.” Attendees will leave this session with a single concept that will allow you to spread the word about business.

“Staying in Business (Through Thick and Thin)” will show how business owners can set aside money and invest for the future. Presenters are Richard Bryant and Ben Brooks from Capital Investment Companies.

A final panel that’s topic is yet to be determined will be presented by Ron Doggett, former chairman of Goodmark Foods, and Chuck Recorr of the RTP chapter of the National Association of Corporate Directors.

The conference, which will also feature a keynote speaker, is presented by Business Leader and sponsored by BB&T and Capital Investment Companies.

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