Nexus Software, Inc.:

An independently operated subsidiary of Diebold, Inc.

2501 Blue Ridge Road, Ste. 390
Raleigh, NC 27607
Ph: 919-788-8665
Web site:


Founded by Philip Lippard in 1985, Nexus was sold in to Diebold in 1999. Diebold determined that Nexus Software would fit will in to its family of companies as part of its open solutions initiatives. The core expertise of Nexus in XFS standards and middleware technology created opportunities for Diebold to develop offerings based upon Nexus technology.

Employees: 40

Product niche: World-leader in standards-based, open retail banking middleware that connects any solution to any device.

What sets you apart? Nexus Software develops middleware products specifically for open banking standards (such as XFS) that support advanced financial solutions that are not bound by proprietary hardware and channel specific limitations. We are focused on enabling the banking industry with the flexibility to connect any solution to any hardware. This allows financial institutions to implement customer-focused solutions that will permit sharing of content between delivery channels (ie: between branch, ATM and online banking).

Revenues: Although Nexus Software is an independently operated company, it is a wholly owned subsidiary of Diebold, Inc. and it is policy not to break out financial results for functional subsidiaries of the company.

However, it was a Tech 50 company in 1996 which puts it in the over $1 million in annual revenues category.

Projected growth for 2002 was 30 percent over previous year.

Executive Management:

Brad Stephenson, General Manager
Greg Steffy,Global Sales
Susan Babash,Finance and Administration
John Flenley, Head of Development and Managing Director, Nexus Software UK
Robert Usner, Director of Product Planning and Marketing