The Hurricanes are exploring two innovative ways to get fans in to games faster and then to spend less time waiting in line for refreshments.

Howard Sadel, director of new media and graphic communications for the ‘Canes, says the team is “pretty close to making happen” is prepaid parking using wireless devices. He says fans would be able to arrive at any time…even after the games start…and use the device to gain access via an express lane and park near the RBC Center, the arena where the team plays in Raleigh.

Another project that the ‘Canes are cooking up, literally, is a food-ordering operation at games using wireless technology. Sadel says the Seattle Mariners are already doing it, with runners taking food to the seats. But that won’t work for hockey, he says.

“We’re ready to go on the technology, but the logistics of the building we need to get in order,” says Sadel. “The angle that I’m envisioning is an express window.”

He says the fans would order and prepay for the food from their seats. Then they would go to an express window during breaks in the action and pick up their food, using phone numbers as a means of identification.