Rack up another victory for rapidly growing ChannelAdvisor.

The RTP firm that makes e-commerce and auction sites run by firms such as eBay, Dell, IBM and Radio Shack more effectively and manage inventory has struck a partnership with Extrastock Pty Ltd.

Extrastock, which is based in Sydney, Australia, is recognized as the top marketplace management service provider down under, ChannelAdvisor says. By working with the company, ChannelAdvisor says it is demonstrating a commitment to grow internationally.

“Extrastock is licensing our software and services and will be managing auctions,” Ashley Trotter, a spokesperson for ChannelAdvisor, tells Local Tech Wire. “This deep partnership entails software license, sales and software support and many other elements.

“This partnership gives our global clients the ability to launch into Australia very quickly.”

ChannelAdvisor sees growth overseas as crucial for its growth strategy in 2003, Trotter adds, noting: “Expanding internationally is very important to our Fortune 500 clients.”

Scott Wingo, chief executive officer and president of ChannelAdvisor, pointed out that Extrastock’s reputation and experience gives the RTP firm a beachhead in the Aussie market. “We chose Extrastock as our partner because of their knowledge and expertise in Australia,” Wingo said in a statement.

Wingo also will join Extrastock’s advisory board.

Extrastock already works with eBay, and Cornelius Gray, director of strategy for Extrastock, said ChannelAdvisor would be a strong partner.

“We look forward to bringing ChannelAdvisor’s superior technology platform and industry-leading client base to the Australian eBay marketplace,” he said in a statement. “The growth is here and now it’s time to offer the best available technology and services.”

Off to CES

Fresh on the heals of this deal, Wingo will be dispatching several ChannelAdvisor personnel to the Consumer Electronic Show later this week in search of more business.

“ChannelAdvisor is sending 10 plus top sales people and execs to CES for meetings with the top manufacturers and retailers in consumer electronics,” Trotter tells LTW. “We are meeting with current and potential clients.”

As for what ChannelAdvisor expects the hot products to be, Trotter has some ideas.

“Plasma TVs and car audio,” she says, “but not sure. We’ll know more next week.”

ChannelAdvisor: www.channeladvisor.com