CARY — Jeff LeRose is keeping up the pressure to make Research Triangle Software a leader in easy-to-use encryption technology.

LeRose, founder of Research Triangle Software, says a new version of the company’s CryptoBuddy software, version 1.2, is starting to hit download sites for free trials. And he’s trying to make the process even easier.

“One of the major things that came back to is in feedback is that under some operating systems people were not getting the full names of files so they could be identified and encrypted,” LeRose says.

Fixed. The full file name can be seen.

And even though CryptoBuddy is easy to use, LeRose says people were asking for help.

“They were a little confused because we didn’t have a built-in help on the screen,” he explains. “We added a help area with a quick reference guide, we tell them when the license will expire, and we also provide a user’s guide.”

CryptoBuddy also has picked up its speed of operation, he adds. “It was fast already. Now, it’s a little quicker.”

In order to be made available on more download sites, LeRose says CryptoBuddy also includes an uninstall program.

“Since we operate as an extension, it’s not installed on your hard drive anyway. We don’t hook in to anything, but some download sites don’t understand that,” LeRose says. “They wanted an uninstall, so we put one in.”

CryptoBuddy is available on some 100 download sites and will be made available on more thanks to the new changes, LeRose says. The software has been downloaded more than 40,000 times and ranks among the top 10 in downloads (see www. /utilities.)

On the stick

The new release follows on the heals of CryptoStick, a variety of encryption tools that look like cigarette lighters and provide encrypted data storage.

“Sales are going pretty good,” LeRose says, “but we missed the Christmas season.”

CryptoStick wasn’t unveiled until October. Still, LeRose says are good — and the future looks bright.

“We are looking to sell 100,000 units this year,” he says. “We have some really good testimonials, and we have some large deals cooking with corporations and large educational institutions We’re getting real good feedback.”

RTS is especially interested in selling site licenses, and that strategy appears to be working.

RTS also is working on a variety of new products, although LeRose wouldn’t go into specifics. “We do have a lot more stuff in the can,” he says. “We believe we’re on the right track, we’ve been proven, and people are very excited about something they can actually use.”

The company’s means of encrypting and packaging also has a patent pending.

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Rick Smith is managing editor of Local Tech Wire.