APEX,TransLogic Systems, a developer of customizable business process automation software applications, says that The Signature Companies and Alliance Group Services Inc. (AGSi) have selected its software to automate key business processes.

The deals are expected to yield more than $650,000 for the 43 employees of Apex-based TransLogicSystems (TLS), the company says.

The agreement with AGSi, a provider of wholesale network services to telecom resellers and CLECs, calls for TLS to automate the company’s toll free order management processes. TLS says its solution will allow AGSi to streamline its toll free service processes, including order entry, tracking, fulfillment and reporting.

The TLS Web-based solution is based on its workflow engine and utilizes the company’s library of pre-engineered and tested software components. The result is a totally customized solution.

“The system will be customized to AGSi’s current business processes and current forms thereby eliminating any process re-engineering, change management, and learning curve,” Bob Mulcahy, executive vice president of professional services at TLS, said in a statement. “The scalable TLS solution will help them maintain their current exceptional level of customer service and grow with them as they expand their business.”

The multi-year deal with Signature, a provider of supply-chain management solutions, calls for TLS to supply customized business process automation software via three systems.

The first to be delivered is a trouble-ticketing system that will be used by Signature’s contact center. The system will allow the company to enter, work, resolve and report on customer issues.

The second system allows the temporary staffing division to track and manage candidates, process resumes and perform invoicing and payroll tracking.

The third system will allow the company to manage its warehouse and distribution division. The fourth system is sales tracking system which will allow Signature’s sales force to streamline their operation in cost effective way.

Signature offers six service divisions, including warehouse distribution and fulfillment, logistics and transportation, marketing services, contact center, temporary staffing, and site development and facilities management services.

TLS: www.tls-us.com