Alan Greene, the chief medical officer of interactive health content publisher A.D.A.M. Inc. (Nasdaq: ADAM), has been elected the new president of Hi-Ethics Inc.

Hi-Ethics, short for Health Internet Ethics, is the non-profit organization formed to address privacy, advertising and content quality issues for Internet health consumers. It operates out of Portland, OR.

Greene also will serve as the chair of the Hi-Ethics Quality WorkGroup…developing Version 2.0 of the Hi-Ethics principles, which will be the new foundation of URAC standards.

URAC certifies that companies adhere in practice to the Hi-Ethics principles and it has its own independent standards development and accreditation review process that includes input from a broad array of stakeholders, including consumers, regulators, health care providers, and industry representatives.

“The importance of credible, trustworthy consumer health information has never been greater as recent studies show that 73 million American adults now search for health information online,” said Greene. “And, only one quarter of these health seekers follow the recommended guidelines for checking the source and timeliness of the information every time they search. It is our goal in 2003, to further strengthen the principles that are helping responsible companies continue to protect consumers.”

Greene has served as A.D.A.M.’s chief medical officer in Atlanta since 2000. A.D.A.M. has been URAC-accredited since Dec. 2001.