EMS Technologies (Nasdaq: ELMG) has been awarded a U.S. patent for its Mobile Clinical Workstation, a line of cart-based mobile devices used in hospitals.

This patent (No. 6,493,220) describes the essential features of the cart-based form factor in a workstation, which is equipped with a computer and power supply, and is connected wirelessly to a local area network by WiFi access points.

“The patent on the Mobile Clinical Workstation protects the flagship product of our Healthcare Solutions Group, which has established the industry-standard form factor and created a leading position in this growing market for wireless technology,” Gerald Hickman, senior vice president and general manager of EMS Wireless, said in a statement. “EMS is proud of the technical accomplishments of our engineers in creating a product that helps clinicians improve their healthcare delivery at the patient point of care, while enabling the hospital to better manage resources and meet reporting requirements.”

Since 1996, EMS has been involved in more than 400 wireless projects . The Mobile Clinical Workstation, for which the patent application was filed in 1998, is the result of extensive market research and product development

EMS Technologies is a designer and manufacturer of wireless, satellite and defense solutions. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, employs almost 1,900 people worldwide, and has manufacturing facilities in Montreal, Ottawa and Brazil.

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