WebTone Technologies says that Comerica Inc. (NYSE: CMA) has selected its TouchPoint Referral Management solution as the banking company’s platform for managing referral activities across the entire enterprise.

The nation’s 17th largest banking company, Comerica plans to roll out TouchPoint Referral Management to some 7,000 employee desktops, and capture data across multiple lines of business.

A key component of the banking company’s customer relationship management initiatives, TouchPoint says its Referral Management will help Comerica connect its customers to the right products and services and ensure that referrals are captured, disseminated, and acted upon.

“TouchPoint Referral Management creates cohesion between an institution’s sales and service activities and resulting referrals,” Jim Szyperski, president and chief executive officer of Atlanta-based WebTone, said in a statement. “It breaks down business and technology barriers, allowing the seamless flow of referrals between employees, business units, and delivery channels.”

WebTone: www.webtonetech.com

Comerica: www.comerica.com