BuildLinks, a Web-based collaboration and options-selection software tool for residential homebuilders, has struck a strategic partnership with Allconnect, a free service that helps customers select and order home utility and communications services.

Within Allconnect’s coverage areas, new home buyers whose builders use BuildLinks will be prompted to make a free call (1-800-ALLCONNECT) to a single point of contact ir order to connect their utilities and communications services.

Allconnect uses decision-support systems to help select the best service providers, service plans, and technologies for its customers, and initiates service for the customer by transmitting orders to the service providers. Allconnect then acts as the single point of contact for the customer until the new services are up and running.

“Using a single point of contact, customers of BuildLink’s builders can set up their utilities and communications services, and not spend time chasing down information from multiple sources,” Chip Gillooly, president and chief executive officer of BuildLinks, said in a statement. “It is one more convenience we are offering to our builder customers, so they can pass it on to their home buyers and make the home building process a delightful, not a painful, experience.”

BuildLinks recently announced that is had obtained $2 million in venture capital investment. The financing round was lead by Research Triangle Park-based Southeast Interactive Technology Funds.