Southern LINC, a wireless communications service from Southern Company, is offering the new Motorola i88s handset. The handset boasts the state-of-the-art location capability from Global Positioning System (GPS).

With the pre-loaded Java application, My Location, the i88s can request a customer’s approximate location and speed.

My Location also allows users to view real-time statistics to track travel speed, time and distance. This feature is similar to an advanced compass embedded in Southern LINC’s Motorola i88s handset.

The GPS feature in the i88s can assist technically capable emergency centers with locating the user when a 911 call is made from the handset. When connected to a laptop, the i88s’ GPS feature can also be used to provide approximate location data to a computer running interactive map software.

Along with the internal GPS antenna, the i88s offers a range of other features, including Instant LINC digital two-way radio, voice activated dialing, voice recording, Java technology, a 250-entry phonebook and custom profile settings.

“We are proud to offer Southern LINC customers this latest evolution in handset technology,” Bob Dawson, president and chief executive officer of Southern LINC, said in a statement. “The GPS technology can be helpful to emergency personnel in locating a 911 caller, when every minute counts.”

Southern LINC: