Silverpop, a provider of e-mail marketing and customer communication solutions, has acquired Epigraphx, another e-mail marketing solutions company.

The acquisition provides Silverpop with increased market share and marks a gain in the e-communications space, the Atlanta-based company says.

Epigraphx was founded 10 years ago in Redwood City, CA. The company provides custom, targeted e-mail solutions for a variety of clients, such as Apple Computer, AutoNation, Mercury Interactive, Motiva, Vitria and Wyse Technology.

Beyond e-communications and strategy services, Epigraphx brings Silverpop clients expertise in data services, fax marketing and analytics, the company adds.

“Epigraphx provides a unique combination of services and technology to Silverpop clients,” Bill Nussey, chief executive officer of the combined company Silverpop, said in a statement. “Their customer loyalty is second-to-none, and the solutions they provide are forward-thinking and revolutionary in the marketplace today. We are very excited to combine the services and technology offerings from the two companies and offer clients the most robust e-mail solutions in the industry.”

Silverpop finalized the acquisition of Epigraphx on Dec. 2, and both teams are quickly working to integrate business units and technologies.

The new company says its first priority will be to provide the best possible solutions for each individual customer, including, as appropriate, moving customers onto Silverpop’s technology platform.

Additionally, after a brief integration period, most key functions, like research and development, sales and account management will be consolidated into a single, company wide organization.