Mac Tools has selected a mobile management solution from XcelleNet to manage 500 laptops for field distributors throughout all 50 states.

The implementation of XcelleNet enables each Mac Tools sales truck crew to have secure, reliable access to up-to- date sales support information and keeps each field representative connected to headquarters.

Founded in 1938, Mac Tools has a product line in excess of 8,000 items. It relies on the direct sales approach, utilizing a mobile sales force of distributors who sell its products directly to the customer from trucks stocked with products.

Since these representatives seldom, if ever, go to the company headquarters in Ohio, Mac Tools said it needed a way to link their laptops to headquarters’ information systems, ensuring accurate reporting of sales and inventory data.

Using XcelleNet, Mac Tools collects and sends point-of-sale data, sends anti-virus and software updates, and delivers important company information, such has an employee newsletter, to 500 trucks across the country.

Since deploying XcelleNet, the Atlanta-based company says Mac Tools’ distributors have been able to reduce transmit time from 15 minutes to three minutes, a substantial savings in telephone costs.


Mac Tools: