At a time when most information technology companies are shrinking or holding their own, Alphanumeric Systems has chosen to expand.

The 24-year-old Raleigh firm has completed the final phase in its plan to acquire a large group of systems engineering and sales staff based out of Columbia, Greenville and Charleston, SC, giving it a regional presence.

From a capabilities standpoint, Alphanumeric’s expansion into South Carolina included the acquisition of 23 high-level systems engineering and sales staff. Their expertise and certifications highlight the company’s status as both a Microsoft Managed Gold Certified Partner for Enterprise Systems and a Novell Platinum Partner certified in Secure Identity Management.

“The range of technical capabilities these new employees bring to Alphanumeric are completely consistent with the strategic direction of our company,” says Executive Vice President Steve Chase, “and from a geographic perspective, the new team also ensures that our current clients in both South Carolina and western North Carolina are fully supported by the best qualified team in the region.”

The move boosts the Raleigh-based company’s staff to nearly 300 and deepens its strategic technical capabilities, Chase said.

“Our expansion into South Carolina allowed us to build on substantial technical capabilities and geographic presence we already had,” Chase adds. “We know first-hand that success in today’s marketplace is all about being able to provide clients real value, in real time.”

Formerly part of The Computer Group of South Carolina, the new Alphanumeric employees became part of the Technology Services arm of IKON Office Solutions when that company began acquiring high-end integrators in the mid-1990s.

On Sept. 1, Alphanumeric brought aboard 12 members of IKON’s Sales and Projects Team, and on Nov. 6, the final phase of acquisition was completed when Alphanumeric added another 11 team members from IKON’s Network Operation Center and Statewide IT Support Services.

“The opportunity to acquire a team with the certifications and skills this group has enabled us to move even more quickly toward our goal of offering all our clients the broadest possible range of fully supported IT services to meet their business needs,” says Chase. “–We saw this acquisition as a chance to further focus and refine our offerings to our customers, and now we’re seeing how it’s providing bottom-line value to them-the expansion has really been a win for all involved.”

After 24 years of consistent growth in an industry known for challenging longevity, Alphanumeric says it will enter 2003 with a renewed focus on providing clients with real depth of expertise in its core lines of business.

“There was a time when technology companies could successfully be all things to all people, but that day is past,” Chase says. “Today’s business environment demands that we know what we do best, and that we turn those skills and expertise into tangible value for our clients every day. We constantly measure these skills against what we see a need for in the marketplace, and work to ensure we can provide our clients with a mix of skills and services they can’t get anywhere else-that’s really the bottom line.”