SlickEdit, the provider of Visual SlickEdit editing environment for software developers, is sponsoring a student project with the N.C. State University Department of Computer Science Senior Design Center, a component of the Computer Science degree.

As part of the N.C. State Senior Design Center program, SlickEdit is mentoring a team of students throughout the Fall 2002 semester as they design, develop, document and present a real-life project focusing on a set of SlickEdit-defined enhancements to Visual SlickEdit.

“N.C. State provides many ways for our undergraduate computer science students to truly engage in reality-based learning experiences, and SlickEdit’s corporate sponsorship makes this a powerful experience for everyone involved,” Robert Fornaro, director of the Senior Design Center, said in a statement. “Visual SlickEdit is a very popular product within the university, and the students on the SlickEdit team are highly motivated to prove their development capabilities to themselves, the Design Center staff and to SlickEdit.”

SlickEdit recently launched the SlickEdit Academic Program, which provides secondary schools, colleges, universities and technical schools with special Visual SlickEdit licensing, packaging and pricing for academic organizations.

“SlickEdit’s business is focused on enabling software developers to become more productive, and the N.C. State Senior Design Center sponsorship allows us to interact closely with a group of students working towards careers in software development,” Jill Maurer, chief executive officer at SlickEdit, said in a statement. “By mentoring the N.C. State team through a real-life project, we all benefit. It’s very satisfying to see such a strong collaboration between academia and industry.”


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