QlikTech Inc., a provider of business intelligence applications, says First Industrial Realty Trust (NYSE: FR), the nation’s largest provider of diversified industrial real estate, has deployed QlikView.

QlikView, which is based in Raleigh, is business intelligence software for analysis and reporting of customer and market information. These new applications allow First Industrial’s business analysts to access and analyze market and customer data.

First Industrial deployed QlikView applications for financial and decision analysis functions using the QlikWeb web server implementation. First Industrial’s end-users employ standard web browsers to access applications that are deployed and managed through a single centralized server.

Analysts in First Industrial’s offices nationwide can access the same information immediately and perform extensive, complex analysis of corporate customer data without the need for specialized queries or pre-packaged reports.

“QlikView offers — customers a complete business intelligence solution that can be deployed quickly and easily,” said Chris Berg, president and chief executive officer of QlikTech, said in a statement. “Because QlikView is a powerful and flexible tool for both developers and end-users, companies that need to unlock and understand the data stored in their ERP systems can do so–.”

QlikTech: www.qliktech.com