Cable subscribers who want the quality of HD programming plus fast DOCSIS connectivity will be able to have it all with a single device…the new Explorer 4200HD home gateway.

The digital set-top is designed to receive HDTV programming in any ATSC standard format and communicate with the headend and the Internet through a DOCSIS cable modem.

The Explorer 4200HD home gateway, scheduled to be available for shipment in December, will have the ability to deliver a broad range of video and communications services in a single device.

“The Explorer 4200HD home gateway represents a powerful tool for cable operators because it will deliver a combination of key applications that satellite can’t match…HD programming, on-demand video and DOCSIS…all in one device,” Michael P. Harney, corporate senior vice president and president of Subscriber Networks for Scientific-Atlanta, said in a statement. “The growing demand for HD televisions and the increase in HD programming make this set-top an especially appealing solution.”