Summus has been recognized as a “Select BREW Developer” as part of Qualcomm’s BREW Alliance Program.

The BREW Alliance Program provides support to developers throughout the entire process of creating and marketing wireless applications.

Summus, headquartered in Raleigh, has developed numerous applications based on Qualcomm’s Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless (BREW) platform.

The applications, powered by BlueFuel, include exego, ZIO Interactive’s Ultimate Golf Challenge, Nineball, Snapfish Mobile, FunCaster Greetings, Package Tracker and Stock Tracker.

BlueFuel is Summus’ platform designed for efficient and easy interaction with information in the mobile environment.

“Summus has always had a great relationship with Qualcomm, and we are very excited to expand our association with Qualcomm’s BREW team,” Bjorn Jawerth, chief executive officer of Summus, said in a statement. “This announcement is a show of confidence from Qualcomm in the quality of applications powered by BlueFuel and of its continuing commitment to creating and supporting a robust developer community.”