Note: Local Tech Wire asked Vice President Andy Beal, who’ll be speaking at an upcoming search engine conference, to recommend simple things companies can do to get noticed on the Web. Here’s his list–

1. Don’t overdo it with Flash or graphics. While the search engines are getting better, they are more likely to display a site that uses a good amount of text.

2. Make sure the search terms you focus on are targeted. There is no point in trying to hit home runs with generic, competitive keywords.

3. Make use of “meta tags” on each page.

4. Make sure your website is listed at

5. Don’t use doorway pages, cloaking or hidden text if you want to get your site listed.

6. Make sure each page of your website clearly displays a way to get to your index page. Not all visitors arrive at your index page.

7. Find websites that compliment your business and ask them to exchange links with you. Link popularity is very important for better rankings.

8. Install WebTrends or another log analysis package so that you can track where your visitors come from and what pages they view.

9. Don’t “over-submit” your website. Once a month is a good rule of thumb.

10. Get expert advice if you want to be placed in the Top 10 results or higher.