Top 10 Ways to Get Noticed: Knowing how to get noticed is what Andy Beal, vice president of, is an expert.

Enough so that the Search Engine Strategies 2002 conference has asked Beal to speak about his company’s search engine marketing services in Dallas from Dec. 11-12.

Beal has been recognized by conference organizer and industry expert, Danny Sullivan, as one of the country’s top search engine experts and has been asked to add his experience to the event.

Through the years, Beal has seen the evolution of search engines as technology and the Web changes and grows.

“Google is still dominating the search engine wars, although — continues to make a challenge,” Beal says. “Search engines have started to index Flash websites and even pages hosted on secure servers.”

Beal says that even some search engines that have been around for years are harkening back to their origins.

“Most of the older search engines have come full circle in their appearance,” he says. “AltaVista went from simple search engine, to full portal, and has recently switched back to a clean look.”

But not all search engine sites have been so lucky to last through multiple incarnations over a period of many years.

“Inktomi, since losing many partnerships such as Yahoo and AOL over the past few years, they have seen a decline in importance,” states Beal. “Websites using doorway pages or cloaking are no longer being listed in the search engines.”

Beal has used his expertise in search engines to help companies optimize their visibility on the Web at, which began in 1998, and its sister site,, which just launched a few months ago.

Search engine optimization involves elevating a website to the top positions of search engine results which is the number one tool used by consumers looking for a product or service on the Internet.

“We have seen an increased demand from Fortune 1000 companies who realize the huge benefits of implementing a search engine optimization campaign for their websites,” says Beal.

Founded by Patrick Martin, who serves as president and chief executive officer, and are both owned by Morrisville-based WebSourced, a subsidiary of CGI Holding Corporation.

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