MDeverywhere, a provider of handheld solutions for physicians to improve efficiency and accuracy at the point of care, says it has made available version 7.0.

The newest release features solutions that adapt to different healthcare environments by further customizing the way physicians and administrators are able to manage information to fit individual needs, preferences and situations.

Diagnosis searching, care team management, reference information and reporting have been enhanced and added to the components of MDeverywhere’s integrated encounter capture platform: EveryCharge, EveryReference and EveryNote.

MDeverywhere 7.0 offers patient management by allowing access to multiple patient lists on a single handheld device. In addition, common lists of patients can be shared across multiple care team providers for encounter charge capture.

“Feedback on the 7.0 release from customers — indicates high levels of customer satisfaction and continued return on investment,” Dan Pollard, MDeverywhere vice president of marketing, said in a statement. “The release represents a major milestone in functionality further extending MDeverywhere’s leadership position in the encounter capture market.”

Pollard says the Durham-based company’s next product release, scheduled for early 2003, will incorporate wireless technology with the “already robust” syncing architecture of the system.