Organizers of the Southeastern Biotechnology Investors Conference (SEBIO) have chosen 17 companies from the region to present at the fourth annual Southeastern BIO Investor Forum.

The 17 companies chosen to present are as follows:

AlphaVax, based in Research Triangle Park, develops and manufactures preventive and therapeutic vaccines and is initiating clinical trials for an HIV clade C vaccine for a therapeutic HIV vaccine, CMV, breast cancer and malaria.

Applied Genetic Technologies Corporation, of Alachua, FL, utilizes its Adeno-Associated Virus gene deliver technology in a variety of patent-protected therapeutics.

Applied Genomics, of Huntsville, AL, develops targeted genomics-based diagnostic and therapeutic antibodies for the treatment of cancer.

Athenix Corp., also based in RTP, provides novel genetic solutions for the agricultural, energy and chemical feedstock industries by discovering unique input and output traits and developing these traits into products.

Bioheart, of Weston, FL, is a cardiovascular disease management organization with products that prevent heart attacks and assist individuals recovering from a heart attack in their return to a full quality of life.

BioMimetic Pharmaceuticals, of Franklin, TN, develops, commercializes and will ultimately market protein therapeutics for the healing and restoration of bone and other tissues.

Cropsolution, based in Morrisville, NC, discovers and develops chemicals to protect crops from diseases, weeds and insect pests through its Evolution Chemistry(TM) technology.

DermaCo, headquartered in Marietta, GA, develops and markets innovative and science-based dermatology pharmaceutical products from a patent portfolio developed at the University of Michigan with substantial research grants from Johnson & Johnson.

Expression Genetics, based in Huntsville, AL, develops proprietary non-viral biodegradable polymeric gene carrier systems for internal products and products in partnership with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Icagen, also based in RTP, discovers and develops small molecule therapeutics targeted toward ion channel using its proprietary platform technology.

Incellico, another RTP company, breaks the informatics bottleneck with CELL, the only commercially available platform that enables scientists to automate their expert data analysis processes in a high-throughput manner.

Norak Biosciences, yet another RTP company, utilizes its proprietary Transfluor technology in the discovery and development of drugs that regular g protein-coupled receptors.

Proxima Therapeutics, of Alpharetta, GA, develops and markets site-specific cancer treatment systems for breast and brain tumors.

Regado Biosciences, based in Durham, is developing the first generation of regulatable therapeutics.

Serenex, headquartered in RTP, utilizes proprietary and powerful technology that enable the rationalization of proteomics for the acceleration of drug discovery.

Somatocor, based in Atlanta, develops and commercializes breakthrough oral drugs to treat complications of Types 1 and 2 diabetes.

Vaxin, based in Birmingham, AL, discovers and develops topically applied, preventative and therapeutic vaccines through its proprietary platform technology.

Early-stage presenters

An additional 16 companies will participate in Early Stage Interactive, a new conference program designed to provide early market feedback and mentoring to pre-investment companies as they begin to raise institutional funds. Following are this year’s participants (with home states):

Abeome (GA)
Angiopath (TN)
ApoImmune (KY)
Argolyn (SC)
Civatec Medical Systems (FL)
geneRx+ (GA)
GenePhar (SC)
GeoVax (GA)
MXI Systems (TN)
Nanotherapeutics (FL)
Oriel Therapeutics (AL)
Phase Bio (NC)
PNP Therapeutics
Saneron CCEL Therapeutics(FL)
TriCon Pharmaceuticals Inc. (FL)

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