High Above the Earth, Stationary Stratellites Beam Wireless: www.localtechwire.com/article.cfm?u=2706&k=04&l=22 Some users might say wireless Internet access is “out of this world.” It really will be if one company has its way.

Sanswire Technologies has entered into a joint venture with Telesphere Communications to launch a series of high altitude airships called “Stratellites.”

When in place, Stratellites will allow Sanswire to provide high-speed wireless Internet access to the entire continental United States and parts of Canada and Mexico.

The deal also allows for Atlanta-based Sanswire to purchase up to a 50 percent equity interest in Telesphere, a division of Techsphere Systems International.

In addition to having transmission rights to provide high-speed Internet access from the Stratellite network, Sanswire will work with Telesphere to market antenna space on each Stratellite to other wireless service providers.

By utilizing Stratellites to construct a “National Wireless Network,” Sanswire says it will save over $67 million annually on tower leases, while expending less than $30 million in capital costs. The first Stratellite is scheduled to be launched in 2004.

“To our knowledge, we are the only company that is building a National Wireless Network using high-altitude airships (Stratellites),” says Michael Molen, chief executive officer of Sanswire. “We are funding the project with funds from a private placement of our common stock.”

By connecting to the company’s National Wireless Network, subscribers will be able to access the Internet wirelessly at high-speed from anywhere in the United States and in parts of Canada and Mexico.

“Users of the Internet want two things: mobility and broadband access,” said Molen, who’s been in the communications business since 1984. “The building of wireless `hot spots’ has proven that the demand is there for high-speed wireless Internet access. Our National Wireless Network will make the entire country a `hot spot’ and allow subscribers to access the Internet whenever and wherever they choose. The term `last mile’ will be a non issue.”

In addition to Sanswire’s National Wireless Network, proposed telecommunications uses include cellular, 3G/4G mobile, MMDS, paging, fixed wireless telephony and HDTV.

Sanswire: www.sanswire.net