V3 Systems has implemented its packaged solution offering, intelligent Supply Chain Management (iSCM), for The Penrod Company of Virginia Beach, VA.

The iSCM product is a standardized configuration, built with V3’s logistics toolset. The implementation at Penrod followed a comprehensive Fast Track project management methodology, developed jointly by Charlotte-based V3 and CMAC Inc., a logistics consulting and systems integration firm based in Atlanta.

“The Penrod Company, like most organizations in today’s economy, was looking for a solution that would quickly and effectively address the requirements of their business and provide them with a solid foundation for future growth,” Ashley Campbell, V3’s president and chief executive officer, said in a statement. “Price was a critical issue for Penrod, yet they wanted a comprehensive solution that would not leave their business stranded in the future.”

The decision to deploy V3’s iSCM offering by Penrod was based upon the fact that the pre-defined configuration allowed the company to reduce its risk, complexity and cost of the project, the company says. The iSCM is a suite of functionality including system components to manage receiving, orders management, RF-directed picking, packing, and shipping.

In addition to the core capabilities of the V3 system, Penrod also uses the inherent web-based capabilities of the system to allow 3PL partners to view order and shipment advice information remotely. The multi-facility, centralized-deployment model of the iSCM solution allowed Penrod to maintain their server infrastructure in Virginia while running an operational facility in High Point, NC, and multiple visibility users throughout the United States.

V3 Systems: www.v3systems.com

Penrod: www.thepenrodcompanys.com