DataFlux Corporation, a SAS company, and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) have formed an alliance to help customers solve business data quality and integration issues on an enterprise-wide scale.

The combination of PwC’s Data Management Group services and DataFlux products will provide solutions to clients that are designed to help increase the accuracy, integrity and reliability of enterprise-wide data assets, the Cary-based company says.

“We are actively pursuing deals in manufacturing sector…this is not a paper relationship,” DataFlux spokesman Wally Maczka tells Local Tech Wire. “This is a very active relationship with over 25 PwC personnel having been introduced to the suite of applications and more in process.”

Maczka points out that the group DataFlux is working with is the PwC Data Management Group of the PwC Global Risk Management Division, which is on the PwC Audit Risk as opposed to the PwC Consluting group that recently was sold to IBM for $3.5 billion.

PwC’s Data Management Group provides data quality methodologies that help large organizations improve the integrity of information and reach their objective for more efficient, accurate and reliable business and operational processes.

The new alliance with New York-based PwC will provide a data quality/integration solution and methodology, DataFlux says, and improve the data captured and used in key applications within an enterprise.

“PwC is looking primarily at using (DataFlux) in conjunction with ERP implementations and SCM implementations,” explains Maczka. “Manufacturing, Financial Services and Telecommunications will be key vertical segments.”

DataFlux products are designed to improve the accuracy, consistency and reliability of an organization’s critical data. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of SAS Institute in Cary.

“To help our customers succeed in integrating their data, DataFlux and (PwC) are focusing on data quality management across the enterprise,” Tony Fisher, president and chief executive officer of DataFlux, said in a statement. “Together, we’ll bring the industry the unmatched strength and flexibility of DataFlux data quality/data integration solutions and (PwC’s) years of data quality experience.”