Metagenix Inc. has released the beta version of its new data quality auditing product, MetaPure, to key customers and prospects.

Aimed at organizations with data-quality-dependent enterprise systems such as CRM, SCM, and ERP, Metagenix says MetaPure combines both data auditing and business process analyses.

“The issue of data quality continues to be thought of in the old paradigm of data hygiene,” Greg Leman, Metagenix president and chief executive officer, said in a statement. “Now as enterprise systems grow in complexity, cost, and importance, the paradigm needs to shift so that data quality means more than address standardization. We believe that data quality auditing will prove to be a cornerstone of the success of large enterprise systems.”

MetaPure works by applying specific business rules as a continuous check of data quality, providing scorecards and reports that measure and archive data quality across the enterprise. It is designed to work in almost all client-server environments, such as Windows NT, Linux and UNIX.

Durham-based Metagenix says it currently has MetaPure beta sites at a select group of Fortune 500 customers.