Blast Internet Services has endorsed the local currency known as Plenty and will be accepting it as payment from new ISP customers through Dec. 31.

The N.C. Plenty was officially launched on Oct. 5 by community-minded volunteers wanting to support their neighbors in the Piedmont. Focusing on Alamance, Durham, Chatham, and Orange counties, the stated purpose of the Plenty is to support local merchants and nurture community building through sustainability, fair trade, environmental and social justice, living wages and recession-proofing.

With the Piedmont’s flora and fauna and “In Each Other We Trust” printed on every bill, the Plenty is available in $2.50 equivalents. One Plenty equates to $10.

“We believe in spending our money locally,” Lyle Estill, chief executive officer Blast Internet Services, said in a statement. “If we can help increase the circulation of the Plenty, it will enrich us all. Blast is very pleased to throw its support behind this exciting new initiative. Local currencies have a long and prestigious history throughout America, and we’d like to be part of that happening in Piedmont, North Carolina.”

In keeping with the spirit of the currency’s creation, Blast says it will distribute the Plenty it receives to its employees, to thank them for their service and to jumpstart the currency’s circulation. Blast employees may in turn pay with Plenty for any number of activities. A list of participating merchants and service providers may be found on the Plenty web site.

Based in Pittsboro, Blast is a team of designers and technologists who create online solutions. Blast provides web site design, application development, e-commerce solutions, database integration, hosting and Internet access.


N.C. Plenty: