SCG Associates, a software development firm, has completed the acquisition of all intellectual property assets of Cobalt AI Software of Phoenix, AZ.

The purchase includes two software products that enable rapid development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications, along with all trademarks, customer lists and web content.

The acquired products include Cobalt AI Software Developers Kit (SDK), which allows software engineers to develop true AI software with little or no expertise. They can use many programming languages, such as C++, Microsoft Visual Basic, Java and Borland Delphi.

The SDK aslo includes three powerful AI capabilities: Neural networks, Genetic Algorithms and a Fuzzy Logic Principle Component Analysis system.

Another acquired product is Cobalt AI Code Builder Neural Network Edition, which was designed for software engineers and IT professionals to aid in AI systems development. It generates neural network source code in a variety of programming languages.

“The CobaltAI SDK has quickly established itself as a standout product in the AI Component Marketplace,” Steve Geringer, founder and chief executive officer of SCG, said in a statement. “The products are extremely high quality and have been well received by current customers.”

Established in 1995, SCG is based in Cary. It is also the developer of TradePerformance, a stock trading management product.